Monday, August 20, 2012

My First Race

July 14, 2011

            I found a very non-competitive and short 2k race that is also inexpensive on the City of Colorado Springs website. Patrick, a friend, and I are going to run the next few of these races, called the 2k/5k Doggie Dash.

The first race was tonight. My friend Carla is an inspiration and dedicated to improving her health, plus she is also a beginning runner. I was very glad to have another newbie with me.

We checked in at the Memorial Park Recreaction Center and our race number was written on our hands. That is when I started feeling sick to my stomach with nerves. I knew I was going to throw up any minute!

My husband and my stepson Cody were able to come to watch and support us. Carla’s husband, mom and grandmother also came. It was a big night for both of us!

As we were lining up at the start line, my guts were churning as I tried to concentrate on the procedures we were to follow.

Everyone but Carla, Patrick, and I chose to run a 5k, including all the younger kids. The loop was a 1k, so all I had to do was run in a circle twice. Luckily, I could not get lost if I tried. I still had to walk part of the race, but I was so proud when I finished with my measly time of about 16 minutes (12:37 pace), and best of all-I did NOT throw up. I wonder if I can officially call myself a runner yet?

                                     Pre-Race-That is the three of us on the right

                                      Me sucking air at the finish line

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