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Cooler Weather Slows Motivation

October 14, 2011

          As the weather gets a little cooler and snow is impending, I must find a way to stay motivated. I absolutely hate running on the “dread-mill” and really want to be able to run outside year round. I know that there will be some days with ice that could make it dangerous and will force me into the gym, but I love the feel of running outside. The breeze in your face, the different smells in the air, and knowing you are covering ACTUAL distance is helpful.

Who wants to layer up and run in the snow? I’m not sure that I am there yet and I really want to recapture the feelings I had last month about being involved in the Dirty Girl Mud Run. So, I have decided that I will find a 5k every month to run in. This will motivate me to train, help a charity each month, and I get an awesome shirt that yells out “runner” to everyone I see when I wear it.

I have chosen some fun runs that are still timed, so I can still set some goals. My next race is on Oct. 29 and is called the Creepy Crawl. I get to run in my Halloween costume. After that, I have the Turkey Trot on Nov. 24 before I gorge myself like every American does on Thansgiving Day. To finish out the year I have the Jingle Bell on Dec. 10. Costumes are encouraged in this race too, but somehow I don’t see myself running with any of the following on: bells, beard, or elf ears.

Each of these races benefit a specific area’s YMCA, a great organization that helps many. I will add pictures after each race.

Creepy Crawl (Iwas Coach Sue from Glee)

Turkey Trot 5k
Jingle Bell 5k

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