Monday, August 20, 2012

An Inspiring Friend

November 8, 2011

I have talked about Carla is several of my blog posts, so I think that I need to really introduce all my readers to her. She has her own blog as well. You can read her blog at She actually started her New Year’s Resolution in January. Her lofty goal is to lose 100 pounds in one year.

Carla will tell you that she got sick of being the “fat girl” all her life and that she really wants to become a mom. As the year is coming to a close, I want to tell all my readers about the inspiration that Carla has become. So far, Carla has lost a whopping 83 pounds.

She did not have a nutritionist and she only used a trainer for a short time. Carla tried several different things to see what worked for her; lifting weights, Biggest Loser on the Wii, using a trainer, strict dieting, hiking, zumba, and running. As you may have guessed from my previous entries, running was one of the things that work for her. She has become one of my running buddies. She also began running in May, so it has been really great having someone to talk with and keep me on track.

Carla is bigger than me, currently by about 30 pounds or so, but she has ALWAYS been faster than me. She has been so motivated and dedicated to her weight loss and goals that she has become an inspiration to me.

It must have been very difficult for her to take this leap toward better health. She has tales of horrible things strangers have said to her, but she chose to use their unkind words to strengthen her resolve. Thankfully she has also heard many uplifting words and has great support from her husband, friends, and family. The best thing about Carla’s weight loss so far? Her doctor has giver her the go ahead to conceive. My amazing friend will one day get to be an amazing mother.

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