Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiration is Every Where

October 10, 2011

            I’ve mentioned before how important getting support has been in my running journey. My husband is encouraging and never complains about my already limited time being used for running or about the cost of building up my stock of running gear. I get great compliments and encouragement online from friends and family, both near and far. Once a month, I get a new issue of Runners World, which is full of inspiration.

On the Daily Mile website, I get to track my total distance, hours, TV’s powered, donuts burned, gas saved, and number of times around the world (0 for me thus far). My newest inspiration comes from a FaceBook group page called I <3 about="about" advice="advice" and="and" gear="gear" inspirational="inspirational" o:p="o:p" on="on" people="people" post="post" questions="questions" run.="run." stories.="stories." to="to" training="training">

I am looking forward to losing a toenail from so much running and I know one day my schedule will allow it. Crazy and gross, I know, but to a runner it means that you have reached a level of miles that has a very strong physical impact. One of my favorite things on this Facebook group page though, is the cool photos that people post. Some are funny, some inspirational, but all are impactful. I have posted a few of my favorites below. Enjoy them and as you are looking, think about how much you want to run now.

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