Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Happening Again

It's happening again! I have gained 8 pounds since October. I'm tired--- All. The. Time. My skin and scalp are really dry. I can't sleep.  I have acne like I did when I was 16 years old. I knew I needed some help.

I was actually excited for my appointment. My regular NP at the Endocrinologist office left, so I had been assigned someone new. I really liked my last NP (Amy) but I was sure to like to the new one too. I visited the vampire like I usually do, and two weeks later was my appointment. I hoped to finally start to get some relief from these symptoms. The new NP (Jean) said hello, and took me to the dreaded scale. It was horrifying. I was 204 pounds. I haven't been this heavy in years! Next, Jean checked my blood pressure. It was at a really healthy level. Something like 120/60. Then Jean quickly, and I mean quickly, scanned my history. She checked my test results. This time my blood work isn't reflective of my symptoms. She said my TSH was still low but she didn't want to decrease (!!!!!!) my Synthroid intake just yet. I am at 175 mcg right now. She didn't ask any questions. I told her that I was tired all the time, had gained weight, dry scalp and dry hair. Since she wasn't adjusting my thyroid replacement hormone, I had hoped she might have some other suggestions. I was wrong! She never listened to my heart. She never felt my neck. Never asked me any questions. The entire appointment took maybe 7 minutes. My co-pay is $30 but I know the cost of that appointment was somewhere at $180 or so. For 7 minutes of terrible service. I called the doctor in charge and left a message. I got a call back the next day from the receptionist stating they had switched me from Jean back to the doctor (Susan). My next appointment is at the end of April. Some solution.

So here I am. Watching powerlessly as my body repeats itself. I'm feeling helpless. What can you do when your blood tests don't reveal the stress and symptoms your body exhibits?  Not much apparently. You just have to wait until April when your doctor can fit you in again.