Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Beginning

In search of information online regarding my thyroid condition I found a few helpful blogs. Reading them was comforting and it felt like I was reading a diary of sorts. I think that perhaps having my own blog might help me get a handle on my emotions and be healing for me. My sister-in-law has a blog and it seems that she is able to process some feelings and share them through her blog. I wonder if anyone will read this? I wonder if anyone cares to hear my rants? Maybe a newly diagnosed patient will want to hear a similar story? I guess it doesn't really matter who reads it, does it? So, off I go:

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in 2007 just after I got married. Fun time, huh? I went for my usual check up and told my doctor I was tired and had dry skin. During the next 2 years, my levothyroxine dosage was adjusted (increased) about 5 or 6 times. In June of 2009, I felt like my throat was swollen. Was I growing an adam's apple or something? It looked and felt like it to me. So, I made an appointment with my GP. Unfortunately, she didn't think it was swollen, but checked my TSH levels and said "oh, you must feel like that because you need another dosage increase." I shouldn't have believed her. I should have trusted my instincts, but what do I know? I never went to medical school- she did!

Well, I had a very busy fall in 2009, so I delayed my checkup until the beginning of January 2010. I went back to my GP and during the physical she looked at my new adam's apple and said "hmm, what is this?" Well, apparently my new lump had grow to a size that she, my oblivious GP, finally noticed it. She ordered an ultrasound and said that she would probably refer me to an endocrinologist once she sees the results. The day after my ultrasound, during which the radiologist also made annoying murmurs, the results were sent to my GP. She said "yep, you have a nodule. I will send your records over to a specialist."

My new endo ordered a biopsy-which much more painful than I expected. I received the biopsy results yesterday (Tuesday, February 9, 2010) that revealed hardly any more information. The tumor/mass/lump/nodule/whatever is solid 3.6 cm follicular neoplasm. Apprently the same cell types that the tyhroid is made up of. So, it could be a group of rogue rebellious thyroid cells or it could be follicular cancer. My next step is to meet with a surgeon (on Monday, Feb 15th) and get my surgery figured out. It really sucks that I won't know if it is cancer until after surgery! At lease things are moving though. It seemed to take FOREVER to get the biopsy scheduled and then wait even longer for the results. Eeeeck, I used to think I was a patient woman. Afterall, I do have 4 boys!

So this is where I am. I am trying to plan out my next few weeks and any other life adjustments I need to make. I decided to withdrawn from college for a little while. I have also now decided that I need to stop volunteering at church for a bit. I think that is all I can cut out myself, I still have my family and work. Now I can let my surgeon cut out half my butterfly. I am thinking about a new tattoo with lots of butterfly's to help with loss. The thought of that does cheer me up a bit. :)


Anonymous said...

My darling , you are my life and i will be at your side every step of the way.. together we are a force to be had , your knight forever and you my princess. i love you blossom

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you and praying for you daily. Shirley is keeping me posted, too. I will have her call on Friday after your surgery. I hope and pray things go well for you.
I love you, Sweetie!!

Aunt Mellie

Anonymous said...

Out of 100 removed neolastic nodules only 20 % are actually cancerous. The neoplastic nodule is diagnosed based of the following biopsy results:
a) scant colloid
b) microfolliculal sheets of cells
If either one is NOT present ,second opinion is highly recommended.
Best of luck!!!